Co-edited Special Issue of the Journal of Digital Media and Policy published

The special issue of the Journal of Digital Media and Policy co-guest edited by me is out now. Here is the open access editorial: ‘(Re)Iterations, transgressions, recognition: Politics and practices of media policies in South Asia‘. The issue also has a review of my book, by Matt Mollgaard (Auckland University of Technology) Please find the […]

Research Report on “‘Hated Speech’ and the Costs of Freedom in India” published

This research report seeks to draw out the analytical category of “hated speech” to define an affective dimension of communication, as also the communicative dimension of hate. It does this by focusing on those at the receiving end of hate, for the act of speaking up against injustices and speaking truth to power. In other […]

Airing imperium: A historiography of radio governance in South Asia

A paper that I worked on a few years ago as a passion project, has been published in the Sage journal, Global Media and Communication: Abstract: The 1920s emerged as a landmark decade in the world history of radio, more particularly in South Asia. About a century later, this paper seeks to stitch together a […]

Decolonizing Open Science: Southern Interventions

A collaborative paper published in association with eminent scholars in the field, in the ICA flagship Journal of Communication: Abstract: Hegemonic Open Science, emergent from the circuits of knowledge production in the Global North and serving the economic interests of platform capitalism, systematically erase the voices of the subaltern margins from the Global South and […]