Countering Misinformation (Fake news) in India: Solutions and Strategies

As part of the research team at Factly Media and Research, I worked on an international research report on Countering Misinformation (Fake news) in India: Solutions and Strategies

The Report was a collaborative effort by Factly Media & Research (Factly) and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), with inputs from First Draft News and Google. 


What Millennials need to know before sitting at the ‘Policy Table’

I wrote about Millennials seeking to occupy space at the policy table here: “More often than not, we place the emphasis on the word ‘policy’, when in fact, the word ‘public’ is equally important. In a world where the digital is taking over the governance space, and corporations get a big slice of the policy pie, one wonders what is left of the ‘public’, as people need not necessarily want to occupy the digital space alone, to be governed. Any young public policy enthusiast must ask her/himself these questions, to understand the flow of power, both material and soft.


There’s a tiny bit of news that breaks through the rigmarole of applying for jobs and figuring out what next. I just signed my first book contract with Palgrave Macmillan. I cannot wait to work with the manuscript tempered with a lot of love 😀